One of the most important parts of UI design process after research and analysis is the phase of the mood board creation. Here the main aim is to pick the future project style direction that will work the best. Each UI designer has own vision of this process. The decision may depend on the client’s personality, designer’s habits and personal preferences. However, the general idea is identical and the main aim of this project phase is to feel the required style direction and create a good foundation for the future app or website «look and feel».

1. What is a mood board and how it works in UI design creation process?

image: Mood Board in product design process

Earlier, mood boards were produced from foam board which can be cut up with a scalpel. But nowadays digital mood boards are gaining more and more popularity. However, this is still the fact that physical objects usually have more influence on people because of the complete palette of physical sensations.

Some design companies define mood board creation as a separate phase in the UI design process. The inspiration may be taken from everywhere and collected in one place. Colors, fonts, shapes, real-life projects, buttons, materials — all these may be involved in the final project mood board. Complete creative freedom is mandatory in this process and gradually we are following the ideas transformation process into something visual.


2. Tools for the Mood Board creation

image: Mood board process

Technology evolution leads to the mass adoption of digital and web-based mood boards approach. This mood boards you may easily save or share with your project team or friends. Social media resources like Instagram and Pinterest work excellent for this purpose.

For example, Pinterest gives the opportunity to create private or public boards. The board may be easily switched to private if you’re rebranding or just want to stay your plans in secret. 

Some tools for Mood Board creation: 

— Pinterest
—  Instagram
—  Sampleboard
— MoodShare
—  Polyvore
—  Matboard 
— Olioboard
— Musepeak 
—  Image Spark
— Style Tiles
— MoodShare


3. Collaboration With The Client While Mobile Or Web UI Design Mood Board Creation Process 

A good product designer usually suggests client take part in this process. Images tell a lot about the client’s vision and of course worth a thousand words in the design industry. That’s why if a client is involved in this process the result may be magical. 

People may discuss exactly the same thing, from the first sight, but mean something completely different. That’s why the visual representation is so important in this process and gives people confidence that they are on one-track. Experience shows, well-organized mood board creation process reduces the amount of time the designer spends for the design creation phase because he knows exactly the client’s expectations.

That’s why the mood board should be considered as an independent phase in UI design creation process. 

Mood board is critical in the design process because it allows the design team to share their vision with the client and get feedback before wasting the client’s time and budget in the wrong direction. On this step, the main attention focused on a “big idea” and «feel» and not to the nitty-gritty details.

You are not a designer and nobody knows your business vision better than you. Mood board becomes the an excellent way to get the ideas out of your head and share them with your UI design team. 

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