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Top 8 Reasons Why Most Mobile App Startups Fail

picture Why Most Mobile App Startups Fail

Reason 1: Research is our everything or your unique value proposition

I have a mobile app idea. It seems awesome to me but let’s take a critical look at it and analyze the market. The first questions are how can the new app stand out from the apps crowd? Does it have a unique idea? What problems will it solve and are their other apps which suggest the same solving? More evidently that app will fail if the market already suggests what you are trying to create. 

That’s why it is important to understand:

  • Who are your future customers and people who will use your new mobile application?
  •  What problems do they have and how can your new mobile app help them to solve these problems?
  • Do you have competitors or mobile applications suggesting approximately the same? 
  • What is the difference between these apps and your new app idea? 

Correspondingly the next reason is 

animated image: Reasons Why Most Mobile App Startups Fail

Reason 2: Wrong market or some words about the target audience

You should not disregard your target audience and exactly understand who they are. Based on this information the future marketing strategy should be built and all your efforts should be oriented to solving the problems of this audience. It is evident that adult audience and youth have 100% different problems, preferences, and ways of thinking. 

Reason 4: It is important to create quality UI Design

Customers buy with their eyes and you can not do anything with this. Your brand’s presentation should be awesome and app design should be attractive. Quality UI design is one of the components of mobile app success. If the customer likes what he sees he will return again and again in your application

As you see your app should be well-though-out in terms of user interface and user experience design

Reason 5: Android vs iOS App Design

Android and IOS are the most popular platforms nowadays. As IOS so Android has its own interface guidelines. If you disregard platform-specifications this may effect sadly on user experience.  Another frustration for the user may be when the app doesn’t work properly on the different devices. The user will be disappointed when he notice that app works good on iPhone but iPad representation leaves much to be desired. 

Reason 6: Do you have a marketing strategy?

You may have the best mobile application in the world, however…. users may not know about it. 

Social media marketing is what you definitely need. It suggests a lot of tools. You may use social media, seo, blogging, email marketing, youtube video and a lot of other things. Think how can you let the world know about your mobile app and its advantages

Reason 7: Monetize wisely 

Ineffective monetization options are the most common mistakes in this area. The logic is that, for example, it is not a good idea to create a paid app for users who can not pay for it.

The main aim of any mobile app is sales. Here you should think what can you share with the customer for free and what functionality should be paid. However, don’t become crazy about making money but think about your customers and value your app gives them.

 Reason 8: Failed mobile app testing

The fact is that a single crash may be enough for stopping to use application.

The testing process is an important part of the design process.

Well-structured testing is an important thing and should be done before the app launching.

The future app success depends on a lot of factors. Each industry has its own nuances and each target audience requires separate approach. No one may guarantee the future success of the mobile app, but it is within our power to minimize the failure

Avoiding these common mistakes increase the mobile app chances for success.

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