One of the most important profit components is the understanding of how and why people act, what makes them do what they do. That’s why it is impossible to create an effective service-selling landing page or website if you don’t sound quite convincing to your audience.

For the super-effective offer creation, the knowledge of the main behavioral incentives is quite enough, and these incentives may have a great influence on the user’s behavior.

There is hardly a person who doesn’t know about Call To Action (CTA), however not each person understands how it works on the Landing Page from the psychology point of view.

CTA-button and physiology

It is important to take into consideration that the human mind is always waiting for CTA and the formation takes place in a phased manner:

image: CTA-element on the Landing page

CTA-element is the part of a logic line and the users already know it because they previously visited other Landing pages. Other words, the user knows he will see the call to action visiting your Landing page and of course he knows what to do with it. 

How to increase CTA effectiveness on the Landing Page?

  • All CTA elements should be clear;
  • All elements should be placed in the correct sequence and should be easily understood;
  • The CTA button should not disappoint the user’s hopes and should look exactly as CTA button on other popular websites;
  • The visitors will appreciate Landing page structure consistency and this will lead to future conversion because the Landing Page general look is exactly as they met earlier and 100% meets their expectation;
  • The CTA will be higher if all Landing Page elements will be placed logically and intuitively. 

The secrets of high-converting Landing Page

In this paragraph, I am going to tell you about some key Landing Page components for selling online. Check if you have these components on your Landing Page:

1. Use the association correctly

Correct associations make people remember the brand the basic facts about it and they will have a significant impact on the decision-making while the buying process.

The best-selling landing page should contain the association and bring pleasant emotions, memories and call the desire to buy.

The Ways to Use Association Correctly:

1. Use the pictures of friendly people similar to those who belong to your target audience;

2. Write friendly content for the Landing Page;

3. Visitors should have a feeling that on the Landing Page they are communicating with the people who are the same as they are. 

2. The Principle of Reciprocity

Suggest something free of charge before asking to fulfill the commitment.

image: The Principle of Reciprocity and Landing page design

In 1985 Ethiopia gave Mexico, which was damaged as a result of earthquakes, thousands of dollars for humanitarian needs. And no matter that  Ethiopia was suffering from starvation and civil wars in that time, the humanitarian assistance became the way to get the debt back and Mexican supported Ethiopia when it was captured by Italy in 1935. 

Of course, within the Landing Page frames mutually beneficial exchange takes place in a much lesser extent, however, the main tendency is constant and the people will feel the necessity to return the moral debt even if you give a small piece of kindness to them. 

The Ways to Use Principle of Reciprocity on the Landing Page

1. Suggest something free of charge;

2. After that put something more valuable in exchange for some obligations for the site visitors 

3. The Social Approval Principle

This principle is based on the fact that in uncertainty moment person more likely to act in the way the majority of people act. 

Robert Cialdini analyzed the experiment and defined that the majority of people will more likely take part in a charity act when they see the long list of people who already donated. More than, if the person saw a friend’s or neighbor’s name within this list, the person, in the majority of cases, agreed to donate. 

 The Ways to Use Social Approval Principle

1. Use the convinced feedback from the people who are the members of your target audience;

2. Use the marks to define popular products and price choosing

4. Suggest a Discount

Place the much higher price next to the final price tag. This should look like a big discount. The strikethrough text acts as an «anchor» in the buyer’s mind and increases your proposal value.

5. Deficit Principle

According to Robert Cialdini, the deficit (no matter if it is real or contrived) generates the demand and correspondingly makes the buyer act quickly. 

How to Use Deficit Principle

1. Create a time-limited or quantity-limited proposal;

2. Use the countdown tracker on the Landing Page. This makes the user feel that he is losing the profitable opportunity

Telling the Story

The psychologists say that we may consider the Landing Page as a form of storytelling where the title is an introduction, all events are described in the sales text, and the call to action is the narrative culmination. In the majority of cases, the culmination is important for people brains.

From the literature point of view, CTA is Freytag’s Pyramid peak. The main storylines are reflected there.

image: Landing page logic

That’s why:

1. Make the title attractive (exposition), create an interesting text and pay user’s attention at selling text (rising action) and as a result — CTA-button

2. The Landing Page content should bring only positive emotions to the user 

3. A positive attitude is key to anticipation rising so the positivity should always follow the user. 

4. Focus special attention at postconversion experience description.

5. Try to describe all profits and values of the current proposal 
as detailed as it is possibleAs a result, the user’s anticipation will rise considerably and the emotional saturation occurs on the Landing Page. 

6. The interesting images, content, and photos should be on the Landing Page.

As you see there is no something complicated among above-listed things. However, their availability increases loyalty and confidence in the brand and helps drive sales. You are losing a lot of money if all these components were not provided on your product Landing page. 

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