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Interfaces became a big part of our nowadays life and the majority of time we don’t notice them while searching the important information or interacting with products we routinely use while our everyday life. The only situation we start to notice them is when something goes wrong and we can not complete a certain action to satisfy our current needs. The feeling of dissatisfaction goes then and we have to shift our attention to another product delivering the same service. Current situation reflects the importance of well thought UX design (or user experience) for any product or service. 

A better example of the above-described situation and fatal failure UX design is when a user sees the 40-50 fields form with a request to fill them. The user spends about an hour filling out all required details, including, for example, uploading documents or images. However, at the end of this form, user finds some frustrating fields and decided to ignore them. At last, he is ready to press the «Continue» button! Just imagine his frustration when the bright red error notification appears and all the form inputs became empty. Congratulations, you have lost one of your clients!

image: User experience or UX

Survey results showed that 42% of the respondents aborted a purchase process due to the navigation difficulties they faced during the buying process and vise versa, another survey showed that well thought out UX design (user experience) could raise the conversion rate up to 400%.

No doubts these numbers speak for themselves and in our time of interfaces an unimpressive Home Page structure, irritating pop-ups, confusing page navigation may mean the critical difference between you or your competitor while getting a lead.

Now you see that wise UX design easily converts site visitors into clients and each $1 invested in quality UX design returns $100.

Need more? Check this breakdown to clarify these figures. It easily shows what you definitely get as the result of high-quality UX design strategy:

1. Saving Time During The Development Process

It is not a secret that almost 40% of the development time is spent on product reworking and these iterations increase the final product budget considerably. Of course, the wiser decision is to fix all weakness while the prototype phase rather than implement them during more cost weighty development phase. The fact is that it is more cost effective to hire a good UX designer and organize UX design process correctly rather than spend considerably more money and efforts during the development process.  The conclusion is obvious and good UX design team shortens project development time lowering the final product cost.

2. Saving Money On Support

Actually, this paragraph is not only about saving money it is about sales too. Your site should lead the user seamlessly while the purchases process. User experience helps to place relevant information at the right place in the purchase process and encourage the consumer to buy as a result. High-quality UX design discards the support necessity because buyer easily finds all required details. As you see, you are not only saving the budget, time and manpower but also stimulate buying.

3. You Have Only 4 Seconds!

Your success equals your user experience. 

The decision whether to stay on your site or no user makes during the first few seconds and if the user doesn’t see the critical information he will quickly move to your competitor’s site 

64% of users move to your competitors if they can not find what they’re looking for right away.

This 4 seconds time period is enough for user’s eyes to land on key website elements and generate the first impression of your brand. 

4. Bounce Rate And Credibility

Well-thought-out website design with wise user flow and detailed information about your brand rises your brand credibility and the bounce rate is decreased. The client has no additional questions, he is ready to buy.

5. Make Or Break Your Business

The insight that UX design can radically alter the future of their business should be enough for some brands to stop and rethink their UX design strategy.

Nowadays, customer’s experience is about 42% of their satisfaction. And already in a few years, this number will increase to 55%!

Here we are speaking about the impression your potential clients leave your site with. It is quite obvious that the business will fail if product owners don’t start thinking about user experience already today. 

It is not also a secret that none entrepreneur makes any money without customers. So the customer is number one and his satisfaction is the business primary goal.

Well optimize UX process and client-oriented product design definitely converts readers into buyers and innovative thinking companies are beginning to understand this.

The statistic shows that products with quality user experience may increase the revenue by 38% and of course, the products which fail to provide a user-friendly experience for their clients once will find themselves at a critical disadvantage in comparison to their competitors.

Now it is time to stop and think not about the profit you receive from user experience but about loses you gained by disregarding it.

 It is not enough in today’s world to have an excellent product. You may spend a lot of money on creating an ideal and impressive product UI (user interface) design, however, your conversion rates may still leave much to be desired. The product success directly depends on its conversion rates and the conversion rate depend on consumer’s ability to use the product seamlessly and this correspondingly effects on making the decision for purchase. 

Quality UX design strategy is the thing that makes difference between a product and a successful product.


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